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Softball Gear 101


Before you purchase any gear - Here are a few notes on what you should be looking for:

Here in HRM there are a few sports stores we would recommend you look to for gear. There are also many online sites to purchase gear. We would recommend that certian pieces of equimpment be purchased in person because comfort is such a huge part of purchaseing new equipment.  When purchasing gear for the first time - peeking at facebook marketplace or kijiji might help save money and still get near new equipment at a fraction of the cost. 

Prodigy Sports - in Bedford 

Sportwheels / Wharehouse - in Sackville

Cleaves Sporting Goods - Dartmouth Crossing

Sportscheck - Dartmouth Crossing

Canadian Tire - Dartmouth Crossing  


Gloves - There are a lot of factors when purchasing a glove - Size and comfort are amongst the most important - please have a peek at the below video for some more tips on what to look for.


Popular Brands: Wilson, Dimarini, Easton, RipIt, Mizuno, Worth, Rawlings, Louisville, Akadema, Nokona, Miken and Marucci


Fielding Mask - There are two factors when purchasing safety and comfort



Popular Brands: RipIt, Shutt, Mizuno, Worth, Rawlings, and Skilz


Batters Helmet - There are two factors when purchasing safety and comfort - masks are required, these can be purchased seperately but all Shedevil atheletes need to have a mask on their helmet

Popular Brands: Dimarini, EvoShield, Easton, RipIt, Mizuno, Schutt, Worth, Rawlings, Louisville and Under Armour


Softball Bat - Please note that there are many different pricepoints for ball bats. The price is significantly dependent on the material that it is made with. Composite bats are made of Carbon Fiber and will probably have a pricepoint of greater than $100 and can go as high as $450. Aluminum bats do not perform as well as the composite bats but are much more afordable and durable. The two main measuring points for bats are length and weight - The difference between weight and height is refered to as the drop.



Popular Brands: Dimarini, Easton, RipIt, Mizuno, Worth, Rawlings, Louisville, Miken, Axe and Marucci


Cleats - Cleats provide traction to the players on the field. Please note that there are many different types of cleats. Only rubber softball cleats are sanctoned to be worn on the ball field. There are a few things to consider when purchasing durability and comfort. 3 options available are high, mid or low cut - the higher the cut, the more ankle stability. If your daughter is going to pitch there are cleats avail with a pitchers toe and several after market toe savers,

Popular Brands: Nike, Under Armour, Easton, Mizuno, New Balance, Rawlings, Ringor, Adidas and Boombah



Other Gear often seen around the ball diamond but not mandatory


Batters Gloves


Wrist bands


Sliding shorts/pants with a pelvic protector




Eye Black


Water Bottle



Bug Spray


Suntan lotion


Hair Ties

Protective Batting Gear


Catcher's Gear